Two-Step Login (Duo) Project

UO does Duo

This project is a phased effort to enroll all UO faculty, staff, and students in two-step login with Duo Security.

Project Status

UO Groups Duo Enrollment Status
IT staff Completed 2019
Banner users and other employees with access to high-risk data Completed 2019
All employees
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Graduate employees
Completed July 29, 2020
All students Future

How Does Duo Work?

Three-part graphic: Step 1 is a laptop labeled Duck ID and password, step 2 is a cell phone labeled Prove it's you, and step three is a checkmark labeled Secure access.

  • First you'll register a mobile phone, tablet, desk phone or small hardware token. Instructions: Getting Started with Two-Step Login (Duo).
  • Within a day, two-step login will go into effect for your Duck ID account.
  • From that point on, when you log in to certain UO services, Duo will prompt you to confirm your identity using the device you've registered.
    • Those services include CanvasZoomMyTrackConcur, and any other UO service that uses Shibboleth single sign-on, with that familiar "Login Required" screen (see below).
    • They also include UOmail and Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, etc.).
  • Using the Remember me for 7 days option, most people will only have to do that verification step once per week for most UO services (per browser or app, per device).


Screenshot of UO's green-and-yellow Login Required screen (Shibboleth single sign-on).
UO's "Login Required" screen for Shibboleth single sign-on.


Why Two-Step Login?

Two-step login is a critical part of our strategy to fortify UO's defenses against cyberattacks, enabled by strategic funding approved in May 2019.

  • Universities around the world, including the UO, are high-priority targets for hackers. An example is the phishing attack of August 2018. Those attacks have only increased during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Stolen UO credentials can be leveraged to gain unauthorized access to personal information, research data, and intellectual property.
  • Multi-factor authentication blocks almost 100% of attacks based on credential theft, according to research by Google and Microsoft.
  • Two-step login protects your account wherever you are, whether on campus, at home, or on the road.

Enrolling in Duo: When and How


  • As of July 29, 2020, all UO faculty, staff, and graduate employees must use Duo to access any protected UO services.
  • Faculty, staff, and GEs who haven't yet enrolled in Duo will be prompted to do so the next time they try to log in to a protected service.
  • Alternatively, they can follow the instructions at Getting Started with Two-Step Login to register a device.
  • Emeritus faculty and retired staff aren't required to enroll in Duo at this time.


  • Enrollment for student employees is currently voluntary but encouraged.
  • For students who aren't UO employees, Duo isn't yet available.
  • Students will be required to enroll in Duo in a future phase of this rollout.

Instructions and FAQs

The UO Service Portal contains a lot of information about two-step login. We suggest starting here:

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