Information and Communication Technology Accessibility

The University of Oregon is committed to providing equal access to its digital information, services, programs, and resources. 

As faculty, staff, a graduate employee, or a student employee, you are responsible for ensuring that all electronic materials you provide are accessible to persons with disabilities. 

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility Program is the set of services, processes, and resources that supports the university’s mission to be fully accessible to all members of the UO community, including those with disabilities and users of assistive technologies.

We are here to help you make your web presence accessible.

What am I required to do? 

Learn about your obligations as a member of the UO community to create and maintain accessible digital content.  

How do I make my resources accessible? 

Whether you are creating a website, a video, or setting up a class in Canvas, we have tools and training to help you self-evaluate that this content is accessible. Already performed a self evaluation and need a professional accessibility review? Here’s how to request that. 

I want to learn more about accessibility 

What is accessibility and why does it matter? Far beyond compliance, maintaining accessible digital content provides a better user experience for everyone. Learn about the audiences that benefit from accessible technology, and why an accessible online presence is so important.

My site is being reviewed for accessibility. What should I expect? 

Everything you need to know about expert accessibility evaluations, what gets tested and how, and the role you play in these tests. 

I need some other kind of help. 

We are here to help!  

If you are a student and need assistance with accommodations for a class or other on-campus service, contact the Accessible Education Center.

If you have already gone through an accessibility self evaluation of a webpage, file, or other service and want an expert review, you can schedule an ad hoc consultation and review through the Service Portal.

Please review the list of Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question has been asked there. 

For any other questions, you can email