Customer Experience

Patrick Chinn
Associate CIO for Customer Experience

The Customer Experience group includes:

  • User Support Services (see the USS organization chart for more details)
    • Gary Sullivan, Director of User Support Services
      • Michelle Brown, Associate Director, Enterprise Device Management
      • Sam Crow, Associate Director, Academic North support team
      • Shandon Bates, Associate Director, Academic Central support team
      • Duncan Barth, Associate Director, Academic South support team
      • Tim Miller, Associate Director, Administrative support team
      • Sara Stubbs, Director, Technology Services
  • Communications
    • Nancy Novitski
  • IT Program & Project Management
    • Kim Catania, Director of IT Programs and Projects
    • Anupam Katkar, project manager
    • Tim Lundergan, project manager
    • Carolyn Schmidt, project manager
    • Paul Taylor, project manager
    • Heather Dean, business analyst
    • Tommy Harmon, business analyst
    • Kelsey Lunsmann, business analyst
  • IT Service Management
    • Tevis Boulware
  • Enterprise Software Licensing
    • Will DeGauven
  • Classroom Technology Support
    • David Peterson
    • Justin Becker
  • Media Services
    • Melodie Moore
    • Ward Biaggne, videography
    • Jacob Boxx, videography