IT Staff Awards

Employee You Should Know Award

This award recognizes an individual whose work exemplifies excellence in one or more of the following ways: supporting innovation, responsible stewardship, collaboration and communication, dedication to the mission of the university, and a commitment to provide superior support and resources.

2021 Katie Harsh, Information Services
2020 Michael Suskin and Kelsey Lunsmann, Information Services
2019 Virginia Register, Athletics
2018 Michelle Brown, Student Affairs IT

Outstanding IT Student Employee Award

This award is presented to a student employee who shows great growth and development in their position, whose actions go beyond the expectations of their position and whose work ethic demonstrates a willingness to do whatever it takes to provide appropriate solutions for technology issues.

2021 Andrew Newton, Information Services, & Jacob Rammer, UO Libraries
2020 Galena Waddington & Zeke Petersen, Information Services
2019 Jamie St. Sauver, CASIT
2018 Elizabeth Anajovich, CASIT

Customer Service Award

This award recognizes an employee who has made exceptional contributions in the area of customer service, exceeding normal exceptions, and delivering superior quality service to customers. Customer service is looked at as providing top quality service with the expectation that customers will be treated respectfully, cordially, and effectively. An employee receiving this award demonstrates the ability to problem solve and think critically while still providing the customer high-quality support. 

2021 Isaiah Kautzman, Information Services
2020 Don Dixon & Cameron Shultz, Information Services
2019 Garrett Stewart, Information Services
2018 Martin Abair, Information Services

Team Impact Award

This award recognizes a group, committee, or a team of employees whose actions have positively impacted the University of Oregon in a significant way.

2021   User Support Services, including Enterprise Device Management and Media Services: Andy Kurzhal, Andy Montgomery, Barbara Ledbetter, Ben Heiken, Bobbi Bothel, Brandon Kellogg, Cameron Schultz, Chris Cosler, Chris Gardner, Clayton O'Brien, Corey Smith, Dave Roberts, David Nadbornik, DJ Wyrick, Don Dixon, Doug Burzell, Duncan Barth, Eric Andrew Jensen, Gary Sullivan, Geoffrey Marcus, Ginamarie Jones, Greg Cole, Isaiah Kautzman, Jacob Boxx, Jason Shirley, Jess Yates, Jillian Sallaway, José Guzman, Justin Ambron, Jyllian Martini, Karl Owens, Katie Harsh, Ken Loge, Kyle Bolton, Louie Vidmar, Melodie Moore, Michael Clark, Michael DeTie, Michael Suskin, Michelle Brown, Mike Glover-Moresi, Mike Orr, Peter Verrey, Rik Frankel, Robert Bennett, Robyn Van Ryzin, Ryan Stasel, Sam Chen, Sam Villallobos, Sandra Lee, Sara Stubbs, Scott Pierson, Sean Curtin, Sean Sharp, Shandon Bates, Shane Martins, Steve Parker, Terry Allen, Tyrone Russ, Ward Biaggne, Will DeGauven
2021   Classroom Support: Justin Becker, Dave Peterson, Henry Mills, Austin Mohler, Jordan Whiteley, Alexa Roskowski, Melodie Collins
2020    LMS Support Team: Loring Hummel, Nina Fox, Tim Boshart, Satoko Ura Dhillon, with significant support from Ash Malan and Theron Roe
2020   Classroom A/V Design & Engineering Team: Ramiro Vasquez, Scott Roshak, Ed Mason, and Noah Rose
2019   CASIT Help Desk: Sam Crow, Kyle Bolton, Don Dixon, James Ingalls, Isaiah Kautzman, Geoffrey Marcus, Mike Moresi, Scott Pierson, Tanner Sheridan
2018   Drupal Hosting Steering Committee: Matt Coughlin, University Communications; Jason Huebsch, University Communications; Tim Louie, SSEM; Jessie Sedwick, Information Services; Keith Folsom, Information Services; Tony Herrig, SSEM