Centrally-hosted administrative applications and services

1)      Identity and access management

a)      Account provisioning & account help

b)      Integration with Active Directory

c)      LDAP directory

d)     Shibboleth authentication

e)      Central Authentication System (CAS)


2)      Integration of 3rd party product with SGHE Banner

a)      BI/Query data warehouse

b)      Blackboard

c)      CollegeNet Recruitment Plus

d)     CollegeNet 'What Do You Think?' online course evaluations

e)      Course Articulation System (CAS)

f)       Degree Audit Request System (DARS)

g)      Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

h)      Hershey document imaging

i)        Intrado emergency communication

j)        National Student Clearinghouse (NSC)

k)      QuikPay ecommerce billing

l)        Resource25 room scheduling (R25)

m)    Schedule25 event scheduling

n)      Sun Identity Management

o)      UC4 job submission

p)      Runner Technologies Clean_ Address() address verification


3)      IS-developed interfaces

a)      FIS JV load

b)      GradWeb graduate application

c)      Library Patron extract


4)      IS-developed systems

a)      Banner Query System (BQS)

b)      Affirmative Action reporting

c)      ASUO, OAA & Faculty online elections

d)     Collections

e)      Faculty Appointment System

f)       Fee Assessment

g)      GTF Remission

h)      Health Center system

i)        Housing and Dining systems

j)        IntroDucktion

k)      Online Admissions Application

l)        Online Directory

m)    Online Schedule of Classes

n)      Online Travel Reimbursement

o)      Printing Services

p)      Short Term Loans

q)      Student Loans

r)       Write Offs (UO debt)


5)      Oracle database administration:

a)      Blackboard

b)      Hershey document imaging

c)      Internal IS systems

d)     Resource25

e)      SGHE Banner

f)       UC4 job submission

g)      UO data warehouse

h)      UO Health system

i)        UO Housing system

j)        UO Identity Management

k)      UO Printing Services system


6)      Oregon University System (OUS)

a)      OUS modifications to Banner

b)      SCARF reporting

c)      OUS extracts

d)     System-wide projects (e.g., ATLAS, SSID, race & ethnicity reporting)


7)      SunGard Higher Education Banner (Finance, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Student modules)


8)      SunGard Higher Education Banner Self-Service (DuckWeb)


9)      Services internal to IS:

a)      Confluence

b)      JIRA

c)      Microcomputer Repair Shop system

d)     OTS Object tracking system

e)      PTIME Programmer time entry system

f)       SRTRAKR Service request tracking system


10)      Provide assistance to campus units with their enterprise data and central authentication needs:

a)      Partner with the core offices to meet with departments and schools to assess their data needs and offer solutions.

b)      Work directly with departments and schools to identify their authentication requirements and work with them to provide a solution.

c)      Serve as a resource to units who are considering software that has integration needs with Banner or central authentication systems.