Highlights Report for FY20

Information Services completed 28 major projects and an 11 additional projects related to COVID-19 were completed in collaboration with campus IT professionals to support of the university’s move to remote learning in March 2020.

Responding to COVID-19

IT staff from across the university worked together to complete the following 11 projects:

  • Zoom implementation
  • Telehealth implementation
  • VPN upgrade: 10x bandwidth
  • Device loaner program for students
  • Remote tech desk support
  • Resource guides for remote work and learning
  • Dropbox for UO employees
  • Computer Virtual Lab
  • Amazon (AWS) cloud contract procurement
  • Amazon Connect call center implementation
  • ProctorU (started in May 2020)


IT staff completed 28 projects during FY20 and continue work on many other projects into FY21, including User Support Services implementation and Two Factor Authentication. For a prioritized list of current projects, see the IT Programs and Projects dashboard.

Request for Proposals (RFP) and Procurement

  • Identity Management RFP
  • Enterprise Research Application RFP


  • Storage and Backup Analysis (part of Transform IT)
  • Communications and Collaborative Technologies Needs Analysis project
  • User Support Services Analysis project (part of Transform IT)

Service-related Projects

  • Vulnerability scanning (InfoSec)
  • Tech Desk 20x7 support expansion
  • Building network switch refresh
  • UO Research website redesign project
  • Secure Research Endpoint project for COAcH
  • DuckDocs (Singularity replacement) project
  • United Shared Services Enterprise Retirement Plans Management migration project
  • Oregon Cybersecurity Resilience Summit 2019
  • Online Writing Lab
  • EMS Classroom Scheduling software transition
  • Email Security project (includes URL Defense)
  • Adobe License Transition Phase 2
  • Two Factor Authentication (Duo) implementation project (in progress)
  • User Support Services Implementation (in progress)
  • UOmail migration project (in progress)


  • Wiring and WiFi installations for three new buildings: Lyllye Reynolds-Parker Black Cultural Center, Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, and Hayward Field
  • Wiring installation for remodeled spaces in University Health Center, Klamath Hall, Allen Hall and 39 other smaller projects
  • Radio repeater site installation
  • Oregon Institute of Marine Biology telephone replacement project
  • Deployed new enterprise system management and orchestration tool (Puppet)
  • Public Safety Distributed Antenna System
  • Redhat Operating System migration project

Link Oregon

A non-profit, Link Oregon builds and operates 100G networks across the state for teaching, learning, and research. The group received $8.6M from the state of Oregon to enhance rural research and education broadband networks.

FY2020 By the Numbers


  • 350 WiFi access points added or replaced
  • 28 classroom A/V systems upgraded
  • 125 new network switches installed

March 18 to July 31, 2020

  • 217,573 meetings
  • 12,231 active users
  • 77,355,077 minutes of meetings

Microsoft Office 365
As of July 31, 2020

  • 12.8 million files stored in OneDrive
  • 40.2 million emails sent
  • 4.2 million MS Teams messages exchanged