2018 Quack-IT Challenge Teams

The teams signed up for the 2018 Quack-IT Challenge have submitted the following projects:


Creating a Community in IT through teaching, learning, and training opportunities.


Improve Resources For Online Education.


Provide a web portal for users to determine why their AD accounts are being locked out, understand where their successful and failed authentications are coming from, allowing the end user to identify unauthorized access to accounts.

Quacking Under Pressure

We intend to research and prototype a method for transferring report output of Excel or PDF from Cognos to OneDrive. This will provide a secure way to deliver university reporting that reduces file storage demand on the email system.


Messenger application for improving communication between IT departments.

On the Fly

Our organization (ECS) uses a paper intake for users (schools) to sign up for our software (SWIS). We'd like to make an electronic version of the paper form that would help us sign up users in a more efficient fashion.

The Morlocks

An augmented-reality app that will allow you to identify and access information about specific trees on campus. For example, you point your camera at a tree, and the app will tell you that this tree is a White Oak, and include any historical trivia about that specific tree. (e.g., planted in 1948 by Professor So-and-So).


The UO Libraries is researching tools and technologies that would improve access to its web site. One product that the Libraries has researched is BrowseAloud, a JavaScript application that adds speech, reading, and translation to websites. BrowseAloud facilitates access and participation for people with Dyslexia, Low Literacy, English as a Second Language, and those with mild visual impairments. This product is not meant to be a substitution for making accessible web pages, but rather an additional tool that could benefit many user populations. The lightning talk will include a demo of BrowseAloud.


Sensitive device protocol proxy server. Goals: Allow campus webcams to be accessible in one location; Protect campus webcams from known and unknown HTTP transport attacks.

Streamline Tracking

After having been asked to sift through innumerable emails and multiple excel sheets to organize resource tracking information, I decided that there must be a better way for employees to submit breakdowns of their time. My project will be a simple web app that will collect submissions of employee resource tracking and send a monthly report to the manager. This way the manager only has to open one document when transferring data to the master resource tracker Excel workbook. Ideally, this final step will be automated in the future if university resources allow.

Team Duckhost

Duckhost is a centrally managed, scaling content platform aimed at research students, faculty and staff to provide a persistent computing, tooling, and documentation environment.