NTS Services

UO NTS, a group within Information Services, provides network and telecommunications services to the University of Oregon.

Networking includes wired ethernet connections, wireless networks, DNS and DHCP, IPv4 and IPv6 routing, VPN, firewall, network security services, and associated services supporting these activities to campus and residence halls.

Telecommunications includes management and provision of the campus phone system, voicemail, call center and custom call routing support, campus operator services, emergency phones, provision and management of outside provider phone circuits, managing campus 2-way radio system, billing activities, and ancillary services supporting telecom activities.

We typically manage or maintain the transport media (wire or fiber optic), the service itself, and up to and including managing vendor relationships (Cisco, Avaya, etc.) for equipment used to provision the service.  For certain cellular based services, our role is to help you get the most out of our relationship with the vendor.

Some services are centrally funded, and some are provisioned on a fee for service basis.

Examples of services provisioned on a fee for service basis include the following:

Service Fee type Requested via:
campus dialtone, or other phone services recurring monthly department/unit phone coordinator.
For students in residence halls, use this form
campus wired network (ethernet) one-time faculty/staff, using this form.  No ongoing cost for bandwidth.
central firewall services recurring monthly department/unit IT or administrative staff
radio (for campus 2-way radio system) recurring monthly department/unit phone coordinator
infrastructure improvements: wiring or jack installation, augmenting wifi service, construction/remodeling activities one-time generally, department/unit IT or administrative staff, occasionally UO capital construction or other entity.  For direction, contact us
SSL certificates upon creation/renewal department/unit IT or administrative staff

Examples of services that have no direct fee associated with use: WiFi networks (UO Secure, UO guest, UO wireless), commodity VPN connection to UOnet, IP address request/use, Host names, IP address allocations.

Please contact us with any questions about our services.